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Virtual Open Infrastructure Summit

Virtual Open Infrastructure Summit

Join us October 19-23, 2020

As you all know, OpenStack is one of the largest open source projects in the world. The community has over 100.000 active contributors from 180 countries. And although there are many ways to communicate with each other, under normal circumstances there is no better way than to meet face to face; to learn from each other, to discuss current and future developments and get creativity flowing. That is why the OpenStack Foundation in 2013 organized the first summit, today known as the Open Infrastructure Summit.

Normally, the Summit is held twice a year, to showcase new open technologies and features. One of the summits is held in North America, the other one in Europe or Asia. We should have had a summit already this year. But as with almost everything, Covid-19 prevented that (for obvious reasons).

That is why 2020 will only have one Open Infrastructure Summit, and it will be a virtual one, broadcasted via OpenInfraTV.

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The 2020 Open Infrastructure Summit program features keynotes and sessions from companies such as Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, Volvo and CERN. Volvo’s keynote for instance, will be about how the company successfully uses Zuul for continuous integration in a range of different software components, and how Zuul is a game changer that helps them avoid merging broken code. Société Générale, one of the top three French banks with a net banking income of 24.7 billion euros, will talk about how it is leveraging Kolla-Ansible using Neutron routed provider network feature.

The different sessions will focus on the most important open infrastructure issues facing international organizations today, such as:

  • AI / Machine Learning;
  • HPC Container Infrastructure;
  • CI / CD;
  • 5G;
  • NFV and Edge Computing;
  • Cloud Computing: Public, Private and Hybrid;
  • Security.

The virtual Open Infrastructure Summit will take place October 19th to October 23th and includes more than 100 sessions in the field of infrastructure, such as cloud computing, edge computing and security.

Thousands of IT decision makers, open source operators and developers already attended the first day of the Summit to collaborate across common use cases and solve real problems. You can still join this Virtual Summit, to meet people from over 50 countries and 600 companies using and contributing to over 30 open source projects. Keynotes will start Monday, October 19 (5:00 PM CET). If you want to know exactly what is happening each day, check the schedule. All times noted are in Eastern Standard Time and UTC.

Fairbanks International Group (Fairbanks and 42on) is also attending this event of course. Will we virtually see you there as well?

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