Should I install the latest OpenStack release or not? 

With a history of regular releases, OpenStack has evolved through a series of alphabetically named versions, each packed with new features and improvements. As the community continues to innovate, the question arises: Should you install the latest OpenStack release or stick with an older version? In this article, we’ll explore key points about OpenStack releases […]

A guide to deploying a Kubernetes cluster: Basics and FAQs answered

Deploying Kubernetes introduction  Deploying a Kubernetes cluster can be a complex process. Deploying a Kubernetes cluster requires a solid understanding of the infrastructure and the tools involved, as well as careful planning and testing.  In this blog I want to share some basic steps for starting with Kubernetes, and some general frequently asked questions and […]

Navigating OpenStack network virtualization: A closer look at OVN and OVS

OpenStack deployments heavily rely on efficient network virtualization solutions to enable scalability and flexibility. In this blog, we’ll delve into the relationship between Open Virtual Networking (OVN) and Open vSwitch (OVS) within the OpenStack ecosystem. We’ll explore their distinctive functionalities and their separation. Let’s briefly recap the core aspects of OVN and OVS and their […]

Introducing Sunbeam: Canonical’s OpenStack solution for small-scale cloud environments

Introduction  Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has made a significant announcement at the OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver. They have unveiled Sunbeam, a new project that extends their commercial OpenStack offering to small-scale cloud environments. Sunbeam, which is 100% open source and free-of-charge, aims to simplify the adoption of OpenStack and enable organizations to modernize their […]

Explore, collaborate, and innovate at OpenInfra Summit 2023! 

As the world continues to embrace the power of open-source technologies, this year’s OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver, Canada promises to be an interesting gathering of visionaries, experts, and enthusiasts from around the globe. From cloud computing and containerization to networking and storage, the OpenInfra Summit, hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation is the ultimate platform for […]

Non-core OpenStack components and why they matter 

In the last few weeks, we brought you a blog series that took a deepdive into the main OpenStack components, while explaining their features. This time we bring you a quick overview of non-core OpenStack components and why they matter.  However, if you are interested in reading the blogs about the main OpenStack components, you […]

Deep dive into the main OpenStack components part 3

Welcome to part three of our blog series “Deep dive into the main OpenStack components.” In this series, we have been exploring the different components of the OpenStack platform in-depth, including Glance, Heat, Trove, Magnum, and more. In this blog, we will dive deep into the remaining OpenStack components that we haven’t discussed yet, including their […]

Deep dive into the main OpenStack components part 2

Welcome to part two of our series on the main components of OpenStack. Last week we posted a blog about the deep dive main OpenStack components, part 1. This week we bring you the deepdive into the main OpenStack components part 2. Haven’t read deep dive into the main OpenStack components part 1 yet? You […]

Deep dive into the main OpenStack components part 1

In one of our recent blogs, we described the main components of OpenStack for you. The blogs provides an overview of the main OpenStack components and describes them briefly. However, in this blog we will dive a little deeper into the various components of OpenStack and their features. If you are interested in reading our […]

The collaboration between Fairbanks & 42on

Is 42on an independent company?  Not entirely. 42on is a part of “Fairbanks International Group”. Fairbanks International Group then again consists of 42on and Fairbanks as subsidiaries. At Fairbanks International Group we just love making complex IT-Infrastructures valuable for our customers using open source technologies such as Ceph, Kubernetes and OpenStack. Initially it all started […]