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What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform that provides a flexible and scalable infrastructure for running enterprise workloads. It enables businesses to reduce reliance on expensive proprietary cloud platforms, provides greater control over IT infrastructure, and improves resource utilization. It’s a cost-effective and powerful platform for building and managing cloud infrastructure, providing greater agility and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Let us manage your OpenStack worry-free.

What do you do after successfully implementing an open source cloud infrastructure? Do you let your team do the systems management? Or do you let your team work on new projects to leverage their expertise and set new frontiers for your infrastructure? All while we manage your infrastructure?

Save yourself the investment in operational knowledge and let our experts monitor and support your systems. So, your experts can work on expanding and optimizing your infrastructure. Your infrastructure will run smoothly and remain up to date. We will hire enough capacity for you and ensure they know exactly what to do to prevent issues with your open source systems. Rest easy with Fairbanks unburdening your IT teams

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Which OpenStack distributions does Fairbanks support?

a non-profit organization that oversees the development and promotion of the OpenStack software platform. They, as a community, deliver, develop and support the main OpenStack, open source version.
a cloud computing platform based on the OpenStack project, providing a set of tools and services for building and managing cloud environments.
a cloud computing platform based on the OpenStack project, designed to be easy to deploy and manage.
Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)
a technology that enables the virtualization of network functions, such as firewalls, routers, and load balancers.
Open Virtual Network (OVN)
a virtual network solution built on top of Open vSwitch (OVS), providing tools and services for building and managing virtual networks for cloud environments.
Open vSwitch
an open-source virtual switch providing tools and services for building and managing virtual networks, used as the underlying technology for many virtual network solutions, including OVN.

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“Fairbanks was a key factor in helping us achieve the high capacity to host millions of sub-services on our open infrastructure platform. The number of services we have successfully virtualized and containerized in a short time should set an example for the rest of the industry.”

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