Managed Services

Your open source infrastructure, our care.

Open infra Managed Services

You provide the hardware and the datacenter facilities, we manage your OpenStack, Ceph and/ or Kubernetes platforms.  

When your team has successfully stabilized your cloud platforms and needs to refocus to new ways to service your customer. Or when the success of the capacities of your organization. Or if you want to start or proceed with open source cloud platforms but don’t want to invest (anymore) in the operational knowledge.     

Service Improvment

Architectural reviews

Preventative improvement

Prevent recurring issues

Capacity Management

Maintain your correct sizing

Upgrade & update management

Keep your infrastructure up-to-date


Identify faults


Notification about events

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We monitor

What our customers say


“Fairbanks was a key factor in helping us achieve the high capacity to host millions of sub-services on our open infrastructure platform. The number of services we have successfully virtualized and containerized in a short time should set an example for the rest of the industry.”

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Managed Services




Do what you do best,
and let us do the rest.