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VMware migration

What is the leading VMware alternative?

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What happened?

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware led to significant changes affecting VMware’s products, pricing, and partnerships.

VMware announced a simplification of their product portfolio that led to customers being required to transition their licenses and support to one of the two subscription-based offers with a predetermined set of VMware products.

In addition to these changes, the elimination of VMware’s free version restricts access for educational use, potentially affecting the platform’s adoption by future IT professionals and reducing its long-term viability outside of large organizations.

VMware's primary offers

VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware vSphere Foundation

What does this mean for you?

Subscription model

All VMware solutions will become subscription based. This means the ending of perpetual license sales, support and license renewals for perpetual offerings.

Key products

Moving forward, customers will find their options consolidated to just two key solutions: VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere Foundation.

Vendor dependency

By shifting to a simplified product lineup combined with a subscription-based model, customers find themselves increasingly reliant on VMware.

What now?

Moving forward, companies are presented with a range of choices. One option is to stick with VMware, maintaining familiarity. Alternatively, you can opt for a hybrid model, blending public cloud capabilities with existing VMware infrastructure, or scale down VMware to fit the public cloud model. Another possibility is deploying a fully managed private cloud, using open source technology. Within this option, there’s flexibility: either migrate completely or start with a small private cloud setup, gradually transitioning from VMware at your own pace. This approach offers companies the freedom to tailor their migration strategy to their unique needs and preferences.

Estimating cost comparison

The table below presents a comparison of the average costs between the CapEx and OpEx of Fairbanks managed private cloud and a typical VMware environment of 50 nodes.

Fairbanks managed private cloud
CapEx + OpEx
VMware infrastructure
CapEx + OpEx

How we can help?

Fairbanks is here to support you by constructing and managing a private cloud platform tailored to seamlessly integrate VMware functionalities. Our hypervisor and storage platform leverage cutting-edge, high-end open-source software, meticulously crafted for scalable cloud services.

Additionally, clients have the option to utilize their own storage backend or opt for the software-defined storage solution that we expertly construct and maintain. Interested in leveraging Kubernetes? We’re also equipped to construct and manage your Kubernetes infrastructure with proficiency and support.

Here's what our platform offers:

User-friendly dashboard

Virtual machine orchestration

Compute capabilities

Network management


Identity management


Why Fairbanks?

Fairbanks works as an addition to your infrastructure teams. We like to work with you in a cooperative manner. This means you get to select the role for our team that fits your company and open source infrastructure best. In other words:

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