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You probably learned enough about how to keep your systems running. But what if something extraordinary happens? Will your organization be ready to deal with it? For example, you have an OpenStack cluster with Ceph that you set up and manage yourself, but now you’re doubling its size. Cool. We will get you and your team ready for that.  

The trainers are part of the Fairbanks team that supports mission-critical core OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Linux systems. They will teach you and the teams the ins and outs of everything from implementation to production preparation to solving issues. They will provide you with the necessary knowledge to get the implementation and operations right. 

Want to make sure you are ready for unexpected issues? Then get your team certified with our OpenStack training. 

How does it work?


Deepdive: Our training provides comprehensive coverage of the critical core services, ensuring that you gain an in-depth understanding of each component’s functionality and importance within the system. 


Personal attention: We limit ourselves to small groups, so we can spend a little more time with someone when necessary.


Duration: Openstack The training is split into 2 days. 1 day is focused on the architecture principles and the other day on core services and troubleshooting basics.

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Why training?

Learn from experts - Elevate your operations team's skills

Gain deeper insights - Into the intricacies of an OpenStack platform

Rapid mastery in just 2 days - Swift comprehension

Hands-on learning with interactive LAB exercises - Practical experience at its best

Flexible options - Choose between online or on-site training

Receive certification - Validate your course completion with a certificate

Take charge of your OpenStack health today!

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Fairbanks delivers four other services: Managed Services, Health Check, Consultancy, and Emergency Service.
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