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Emergency Assistance

24/7 Emergency Assistance for when you need it most

What is

Emergency Assistance?

Kubernetes and OpenStack are renowned for their resilience but when it breaks, you know it will take some heavy lifting to get the problem solved. We hope you never encounter such difficulties, but if things do go wrong, you can be sure that we will help you immediately and we won’t quit until your problem is solved and everything is up and running again. 

Our team of emergency experts is on call 24/7, offering you peace of mind, especially if your organization depends on open source solutions like Kubernetes and OpenStack daily. Within the vibrant open source community, innovation thrives, and at Fairbanks, we are dedicated to ensuring the continuous operation and stability of your systems.

How does it work?


Emergency Assistance is designed for organizations that have their own open source operators. These will be the initial responders to assess the situation and will then engage with Fairbanks for expert support and resolution.


Our emergency response team is available 24/7, ready to quickly address any issues or concerns with your Kubernetes and OpenStack operations, ensuring minimal disruption and prompt resolution.


We offer a range of Emergency Assistance packages tailored to accommodate infrastructures of various types and sizes. The pricing of our support program is based on the number of nodes in your environment.


Throughout the process, we prioritize transparent and consistent communication. This will make sure you are well-informed and up-to-date at every stage, providing clarity and peace of mind from start to finish. 

The package

Emergency Assistance

Over a decade of experience as your trusted open source infrastructure specialists.

We stand beside you, no matter where you are in the world, offering round-the-clock support

Our priority is delivering customized solutions that drive your success, beyond mere staffing services.

Custom made packages?

Tell us your wishes. 

Take charge of your OpenStack health today!

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Why emergency assistance?

Instant support from experienced consultants during outages, quickly resolving issues to minimize downtime and restore services.

Distribution-independent expert help for any version of OpenStack and Kubernetes, ensuring seamless and efficient solutions.

Post-incident analysis and recommendations designed to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

High availability insurance to maintain consistent, reliable operation across your entire infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and uptime.

Why choose Fairbanks?

We are proud members of the

The OpenInfra Foundation supports the development and adoption of open infrastructure globally, across a community of over 110,000 individuals in 187 countries, by hosting open source projects and communities of practice.

The Linux Foundation provides a neutral, trusted hub for developers and organisations to code, manage and scale open technology projects and ecosystems.

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Worldwide coverage

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What our customers say


“Fairbanks is persistent and knowledgable in Nova, VPP and other aspects of OpenStack. As in the development of most new solutions we ran into some difficulties but Fairbanks always continued.”

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Other services

Fairbanks delivers four other services: Managed Services, Consultancy, Training and Health Check.

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