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Are you interested in efficiently managing containerized applications, implementing a robust and scalable distributed storage solution, or building a flexible and open-source cloud computing environment? 

With our consultancy services for Kubernetes, Ceph, OpenStack, and Linux we provide you with expert guidance, tailored to your needs. Whether it’s about optimizing container orchestration with Kubernetes, setting up a distributed storage system with Ceph, or deploying a versatile cloud computing platform with OpenStack. 

  • Implement systems like Kubernetes, Rook, and LOKI, and get it right the first time around 
  • Get expert opinions and reviews before implementing your K8s cluster design 
  • Start using K8s confidently with guidance on choosing the right distribution 
  • Run K8s on OpenStack and Ceph with LOKI, or get expert info on Barebone K8s, Openshift, OKD & Rancher 
  • Reduce your K8s costs or harden your security configuration 

How does it work?


With our many years of experience, we can help you tune your systems and set up a cost-effective infrastructure. 


The security of your systems gets more important every day. Our experts can help you design and implement security protocols, setup threat detection and incident response.


Scalability is an important feature of Kubernetes. You are moving more services from legacy systems to your Kubernetes environment. Your business grows and you need more capacity. Our experts can help you scale your infrastructure. 

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Wide-ranging expertise across Ceph, Kubernetes, and OpenStack, offering comprehensive solutions

Tailored solutions that align with your specific needs.

A proven track record of successful implementations.

A commitment to innovation to enable your continuous advancement.

End-to-end support for system reliability.

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The OpenInfra Foundation supports the development and adoption of open infrastructure globally, across a community of over 110,000 individuals in 187 countries, by hosting open source projects and communities of practice.

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“Fairbanks is persistent and knowledgable in Nova, VPP and other aspects of OpenStack. As in the development of most new solutions we ran into some difficulties but Fairbanks always continued.”

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Fairbanks delivers four other services: Managed Services, Health Check, Emergency Assistance, and Training.
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