OpenStack Masterclass

OpenStack Masterclass

people sitting and using laptopsA lot of organisations have adopted and embraced the opportunity of using cloud infrastructure with OpenStack. OpenStack is serving as a great infrastructure solution for both developing companies and established enterprises. However, as the success in an organization using this platform often grows rapidly, eventually questions and challenges arise were help could be useful for some teams. This is where Fairbanks comes in. For instance, we can answer your questions during consultancy sessions but, if it suits you better, we can also train your teams to learn more about how to work with OpenStack.


I thought it would be nice to share some more information about our OpenStack training in this blog.


To train professionals we have developed the OpenStack Masterclass. Our Masterclass is designed to understand the OpenStack way of working, to improve OpenStack operations and to be able to troubleshoot quicker and optimize issues. So, with our 11 years of experience in managing, troubleshooting, and consulting different distributions and types of OpenStack infrastructures, we help open source teams improve their OpenStack operations.


Furthermore, the training is ideal as a preparation for the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA), Red Hat OpenStack or Canonical Fundamentals training, but also before an OpenStack implementation, or as a knowledge update when you already have got some experience with OpenStack. The training is split into two days. One day is focused on the architecture principles and the other day consists of zooming in on the core services and some troubleshooting basics.


During the course we will take a deep dive into the technology in order to get to know the most important core services of OpenStack. The training starts with the design philosophy behind OpenStack and continues with the inner workings of the core services. 


We will discuss:

  • What is OpenStack?
  • Understanding OpenStack use cases.
  • What services can OpenStack provide?
  • What does the service architecture look like?
  • How do the core services work and how do they interact with each other?
  • Datacenter infrastructure, regions, availability zones and host aggregates.
  • The OpenStack command line interface.
  • OpenStack troubleshooting fundamentals.

The covered components of OpenStack during the Masterclass are ‘Keystone’, ‘Glance’, ‘Neutron’, ‘Open vSwitch’, ‘Nova’, ‘KVM’, ‘Swift’ and ‘Horizon’.


The training is given in small groups to provide the right attention to the different knowledge levels of the students. Therefore, the planning is done in mutual agreement with all attendees.


If you would like to learn more about the training or would like to attend the OpenStack Masterclass, just let us know through e-mail or phone and we will get in touch with you!

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