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Kubernetes in practice


As the world increasingly turns towards containerized solutions, the complexity of managing these systems grows. Kubernetes has positioned itself as a pivotal factor in this development, but with the ecosystem’s expansion come new challenges and opportunities. The KubeCon event provides professionals from various sectors an opportunity to learn, share, and explore the future of cloud infrastructure. Against this backdrop, 42on and Fairbanks as part of Fairbanks International Group, both dedicated to open source cloud infrastructures, initiated a survey to capture a clear picture of experiences with and perceptions of Kubernetes.

This survey has received input from 200 KubeCon attendees and aimed to collect a wide range of data on how professionals deploy Kubernetes, the challenges they face, and the solutions they envision for the future. The diverse backgrounds of the respondents, including architects, engineers, managers, and consultants, reflect the varied community that gathers around Kubernetes. 

This report presents an analysis of the collected data, dissecting each response to provide insight into the current state of Kubernetes use. With this information, 42on and Fairbanks aim to provide companies and professionals with valuable insights and serve as a guide in the continually changing environment of open source cloud technologies.  Through this in-depth exploration, we expect to equip the reader with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and fully leverage the benefits of Kubernetes. 

In the following sections, the results will be discussed per question, followed by targeted recommendations. This will culminate in a conclusion that summarizes the key findings and provides direction for future strategies. 

In total, during KubeCon, which took place in  Paris from March 19 to 21, 2024, we posed eleven questions to our participants. These questions were carefully composed to paint a versatile picture of the current applications and the challenges that come with using Kubernetes.  Besides the survey, our booth at the conference gave us the opportunity to engage in direct conversation with numerous professionals. These interactions have added an extra dimension to our findings and provided us with even richer insights into users’ practical experiences. The personal stories and professional testimonials we have collected form an additional source of knowledge that we wish to share in this report to enrich the context and depth of the survey results.

Question 1.

What is the main reason you are visiting KubeCon?

The first question of our survey aimed to unravel the motivation of the participants for visiting  KubeCon. 

The data reveals some notable trends that shed light on the visitors’ interests and motivations.  With a strong representation of current Kubernetes users, it appears that the largest segment of respondents, nearly half, is specifically looking for additional or related solutions for their existing  Kubernetes implementations. This suggests a desire for depth and width in their knowledge and a proactive attitude toward innovation within their containerized infrastructure. 

Additionally, it emerges that a third of the visitors are at KubeCon with the intention of  technically orienting themselves further. This highlights the ongoing need for education and technical reinforcement within the Kubernetes community. A smaller, yet still significant portion of the participants are considering adopting  Kubernetes, indicating interest in the platform from organizations that may be at the beginning of their cloud journey. 

These insights give us a clear picture of the active and diverse community that comes together at KubeCon, ranging from experienced users who want to optimize their systems to newcomers looking to take their first steps within the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Question 2.

What type of organization do you work for?

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