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Our interview with Allesandro Pilotti, founder and CEO of Cloudbase Solutions

Our interview with Allesandro Pilotti, founder and CEO of Cloudbase Solutions

Recently we visited the annual OpenInfra summit in Berlin. We held interviews with some interesting people. Earlier we posted blogs about our interviews of attendees and OpenInfra Foundation members. This time we have wrote a blog about our interview with Allesandro Pilotti, the founder and CEO of Cloudbase Solutions.

You can also view the interview at our Youtube channel here: but we also wanted to create a short blog post on the subject. So, here you can read the interview!

What was the most exciting news you heard during the event?

It is very nice to see a shift towards confidential computing and cloud development in space. For example, OpenStack has a huge space in that environment in regards of hyperscalers.

What was for you the most important news you heard during this event?

We are involved in many types of the community and one of them is Ceph. We do a lot of work with Ceph interoperability, so we are excited to see a lot of interest in that. Especially after a couple years of pandemic, it is really nice to get back in person to the summit and receive real time feedback, in person. It makes quite the difference.

What are the most challenging parts you have for your organization?

I think it’s a very interesting period for people in our domain. When you think about the evolution of OpenStack now, it is clear there is a space for hyperscalers, for private clouds and edge computing. I think what is very challenging and interesting for companies like ours, is to make sure we tackle all the spaces and provide services and products that are sitting on top of that, to provide value for our customers.

Do you have specific focus areas in that?

There are multiple. One of them is making sure that the OpenStack and Kubernetes deployment integrates and operates in the most seamless way possible. The other thing is to move beyond the concept of containers. And a lot of the work we are doing now, around such concepts is work towards lower workloads and simplified use cases that allow significantly higher tensity and less complexity. That is the future for us.

What kind of open source development is really important for your organization?

OpenStack remains important for us. Back in the day we already started contributing to the community and still continue to support and contribute to OpenStack. And Kubernetes is of course something you can’t live without these days, we do a lot of work with it so, we are absolute contributors to Kubernetes as well. Furthermore, Ceph is an area where we contribute and see a lot of traction. We hosted a Ceph session about an hour ago for, which we received a lot of positive feedback. So that is really interesting to us as well.

What do you need from the open source community to move forward?

Currently, we have a fragmented set of communities. We already solved a lot of problems in the OpenStack community. When Kubernetes came out, I saw those same problems being faced within Kubernetes and it failed in the same way. This maybe could have been prevented if there was more or better collaboration between the two communities. So, I’d like to see more collaboration in the communities and more exchange of information on how to not repeat the same mistakes twice. When new projects come out, I would like to see a more continuous process, instead of reinventing the wheel all the time.

This was the interview we held with Allesandro Pilotti during the OpenInfra Summit. What do you think of the interview? Are there any other questions you would like to ask Allesandro Pilotti? Let us know in the comment section.

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