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How to prioritize sustainability in a rapidly changing IT world? | Fairbanks

How to prioritize sustainability in a rapidly changing IT world? | Fairbanks

We thank everyone who joined us for our webinar. The event proved to be a success, offering valuable insights and sparking meaningful discussions on prioritizing sustainability in the world of IT.

Key highlights of the webinar :

  • Comparing IT to other industries: Participants gained a deeper understanding of the IT industry’s position relative to aviation, maritime shipping, and waste processing, providing valuable context for addressing environmental impact.
  • Trends, innovations, and disruption: The exploration of the latest trends and innovations in sustainability within the IT sector offered attendees a glimpse into the potential for positive disruption and transformation.
  • Fairbanks’ sustainability journey: We shared our experiences and challenges from the past year, shedding light on our sustainability journey and how it has shaped our business practices.
  • Main areas of focus: The discussion around primary focus areas for IT companies and actionable steps for initiating positive impact provided practical insights for participants.
  • Industry leaders’ insights: The perspectives shared by industry leaders enriched the conversation, offering diverse viewpoints on sustainability in the IT landscape.


We hope that the knowledge shared during the webinar has inspired you to consider sustainability in every facet of your IT operations. If you missed the live event, don’t worry! A recording is available for you to watch at your convenience.

Stay tuned for more engaging events and discussions as we continue our journey to sustainability in the IT world.

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