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and objectives

To host its mobile data services KPN was looking for an open and scalable foundation for its virtualized evolved packet core deployment.

Virtualizing and containerization

KPN wanted its own infrastructure teams to prepare the organization and suppliers for virtualizing and containerization of the telco applications.


Their aim was to optimize the available, operational excellence.

Optimize and maximize

their available innovation power.

In independent review

review conducted on the technical readiness of such a platform for telecom applications to be applied on.

Experts to advise

on their current technical models and on how to combine and integrate experts from KPN on the infrastructure environment.

Services provided to KPN


We provided KPN with professional and trusted counsel based on their unique standards and cloud strategies.

Cloud expert team

With our team of experts, we brought in the right and applicable knowledge for the KPN cloud platform.


We provided KPN with professional and trusted counsel based on their unique standards and cloud strategies.


Fairbanks provided advice on product choices and future developments, with the needs of KPN in mind and contextual information on KPN' cloud infrastructure environment.


Our team of professionals audited the architecture and design for the KPN cloud infrastructure.


With a strong focus on working together, Fairbanks offered an agile way of working together with the KPN teams.


Fairbanks provides training, consultancy, emergency assistance and managed services for open infrastructure solutions like OpenStack, Kubernetes and open networking.

Why choose Fairbanks as your partner for your open-source infrastructure?

Fairbanks has loads of knowledge

on OpenStack, Kubernetes, OKD, OpenShift, Rancher, Cumulus, and Ceph. We work closely together to share knowledge and expertise.

We offer a managed services model

so you don't have to worry about your environment anymore.

Smooth transition

Even while handing over the cloud infrastructure environment, we ensure a smooth transition.

We are experienced

in working with different and big as well as small companies, and are always dedicated to provide the best.

We are an internationally operating company

and look for long term relationships.

Open infrastructure community

Fairbanks is also a driving force of the open infrastructure community, one of the most active IT communities in the world.

Work with

We would love to get in touch with you to hear your thoughts and questions. Feel free to leave us a message here.



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