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Fairbanks supports
your open source infrastructures

A dedicated team of experts
can make a big difference
for your organization

Fairbanks believes that open source cloud solutions will remain to shape the future of workloads. Open source solutions enable companies to quickly and flexibly embrace innovations. We share this belief with our customers. That’s why we focus our support on the operations and development of the specific platforms of our customers.  

As part of Fairbanks International Group, we work closely together with our Ceph Expert colleagues from 42on


With thousands of implementations and features worldwide, open infrastructure technology is the right choice for maintaining cloud platforms and get them ready for the future.

Fairbanks is a member of the Open Infrastructure Foundation. The Open Infrastructure Foundation is one of the most active open source communities in the world, supporting a global community to build and operate open infrastructure software.

How we work

Fairbanks works as an addition to your infrastructure teams. We like to work with you in a cooperative manner. This means you get to select the role for our team that fits your company and open source infrastructure best. In other words:

Our key values

Customer success



for support



to complex infrastructures

In love with open source

Problem solvers

Passionate about infrastructure, open source and cloud.