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5G and cloudification

5G and cloudification

The 5G technology enables us to transmit and receive data up to 100 times faster and more reliable than 4G. This doesn’t only speed up everything you use 4G for but it opens up a complete new mobile world, enabling the Internet of Things and resulting in a multitude of new devices connected to the mobile network.


To get your network 5G ready, network infrastructures need to transform and support programmability to virtualize network functions and meet the bandwidth demands that arise from an array of devices and users. Adoption of Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies is crucial for telco’s today to be able to be flexible, agile and deliver the new services that consumers demand.


Additionally, cloudification enables network operators to innovate new and enhanced services and respond to market demands with the scalability and flexibility of a cloud computing company. In essence, network cloudification is the process of extending cloud platforms, technologies, and virtualization capabilities throughout a communications network to make it more agile, flexible, and scalable. Fairbanks can help you modernize your network and prepare for 5G.


When added to existing network architectures and combined with other next-generation technologies such as the internet of things and other edge technology, 5G will alter the user experience in a lot of ways – from retail to financial services, transportation to manufacturing, to healthcare and beyond.


In order to facilitate network traffic from billions of connected nodes and the coming wave of new compute-intensive 5G applications, networks must transform to be able to deliver faster speeds, lower latency, and more capacity. Cloudification prepares for 5G’s 10X less latency, 100X faster speed, and 1000X more capacity, laying the foundation for revolutionary customer experiences, business efficiencies, and products and services (Intel, 2020).

5G and cloud computing together have got the power and potential to help businesses turbocharge their growth and level up their game in the hyper-competitive market.


5G when coupled with cloud computing is capable of propelling the operational efficiency of every company by setting a base for innovation. The pivotal role of 5G technology along with cloud in bringing revolutionary changes in business models like remote working as the new workplace reality and realizing the importance of exquisite customer experience is quite evident (Moyers, 2020).


Chris Pearson, president of 5G Americas said, “Developers are in the process using fully automated continuous integration to test and push new codes and concepts to production. Cloud Native is going to enable enterprises and telecom sector to bring newer ideas to production at a significantly reduced time, which can lead to increased competitiveness coupled with solid innovation.”


Big things are coming and with cloudification in mind, Fairbanks can help you modernize your network and prepare for 5G with NFV, SDN and cloudification. Among other things, is create a unified telco cloud infrastructure which facilitates ETSI-based network function virtualization solutions, to create a 5G framework for telecom companies. We also find it important to examine a road to a cloud native 5G core which provides an open source supporting eco-system.

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